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Il Direttore invita tutti a partecipare alla conferenza dipartimentale per le politiche di genere della prof.ssa Ottaviani  

Conference: Gender Equality Research

February 14, 2023 10:00 – 11:00 a.m. CET time Microsoft Teams

“Why are we having a conference on gender equality? We are highlighting the issue of gender equality in Pathology, including our epidemiological data of sex distribution related to pathological findings, because there are limited resources in the field. To exclude an entire gender simply because we have an unstated tradition of exclusion is a waste of national resources. As doctors and scientists, we say we want the best resources available to our patients. We hope we can all recognize as peers, that some of the best in our field are actually persons who are not our gender. Someday, it may happen that we will be under treatment. We will want the best treatment for ourselves and our family members. When your child is sick, or is already dead, you would not care if the best pathologist is a man or a woman, or in addition of being woman, is disable. So we hold this conference to ask the attendants to be open to the benefits that inclusionary policies may bring to our country as a whole. Furthermore, we want to alert the attendants that we have found times that show that maybe the best pathologists were not available because of our own systemic bias”.

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